A small team of big coffee lovers.

The idea of ​​opening an online store came from a love for specialty coffee and alternative brewing methods.

Drinking coffee is a ritual that brings us peace, makes us happier, and is also a high-value source of antioxidants.

In our shop, you will find top-quality coffees from small European roasters, and, we hope, to fall in love with specialty coffees in the same way as we did.

In addition to coffee, we also offer equipment that will make it easier for you to prepare the finest cup of coffee.


Loella d.o.o. 
Poljski put I 8, 31000 Osijek, Croatia 

VAT Number: HR48710313045 
OIB: 48710313045 
MBS: 030274158 

The share capital of 7000 EUR is paid in full.
The company is registered at the Commercial Court in Osijek.  

Owner: Mihaela Lošonc Međimorec 
CTO: Valentino Međimorec 

IBAN: HR7924020061101156380 
Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d. Ivana Lučića 2, 
10000 Zagreb, Croatia